The Exclusive Aroma of a Singular Perfume

The post “Cuba always skimps on resources for education and teachers” in my blog attracted a comment from someone who put in a link to porn site. Surprised, startled, I regained my composure by remembering her perfume. I breathed in deeply, thinking of the sweet strong scent. Calmer, I marked the comment as spam and continued preparing classes.

The secret of Laura Pollan’s perfume was created in the streets of Havana. A group of Cuban women, motivated to obtain the freedom of their husbands and families — prisoners of conscience imprisoned for giving their opinion openly — instead of moaning they preferred to combine gladioli, white clothing, and a lot of femininity in order to purify the air the capital.

The secrets of perfume they created belong to the future. The truth is that the walks through the streets of these intrepid ladies slowly began to transform the city and its inhabitants. The mob, bewildered, received them with intolerance, anger and fear. Respect and love chased away the terrified, but they, the Ladies in White, immutable, courageous, continued preparing every day their new formula. So strong did the fragrance become that they received awards and the sweet scent spread to other countries.

One day, the leader Laura Pollan left to promote her perfume before God. But the fragrance that she and her friends have created, continues to float around the city and extends slowly, converted into a cloud, across Cuba. No wonder. It is the aroma of an essence that everyone recognizes, characterized by its excellent fixative and power.

For many women, simple as I am, we like it. And we must use it in the Capitol, in markets, in the most surprising places.  Laura Pollan perfume is a success. If they defame, harass, threaten your family… you breathe it in… and return to normal to continue fighting for what you want. It has a high price, but as we are Cubans, vain and courageous, we manage to have it … at all times.

November 8 2011

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