2012-2013 School Year: Student Dead, Assasinated and Judgment Escaped

Someday the sun will shine
In my backyard…
The Shining by Stephen King

In the clear air it seems that imagination comes alive, leaving the reins of reason. Every day, Raisa Medina sees her son return from school to go out play again, while sky and vegetation lazily spin with a slow roll, an idle globe.

The words, the sounds are dispersed in a buzz. Since any court, with shouts of annoyance will respond:

– The sentence isn’t!

With a shudder, Raisa regains sanity and looks away from the precipice.

Son Alain Izquierdo Medina: 14 years old. Dead on the afternoon of July 15, 2011

Place: Mamocillo arbor, Havana.

Cause of death: anemia

Other aggravating factors: Climbing a fruit tree on a farm accompanied by two minors who were unharmed.

Guilty: Amado Interian, retired police officer.

Facts: Shot at the teenagers. Amado Interian had time to hide and tried to evade justice for the second time.

The act of valor shown from the mother of Alain Izquierdo, Mrs. Raisa Medina, the intervention of Dr. Laritza Diversent (www.elNuevoHerald.com) and other efforts carried out by civil society, including the complaint to the Committee of Experts UNICEF, managed to transfer him to jail.

However, with the boy Alain Izquierdo dead, the mother gets bad news.

– Your boy didn’t die from the bullets, but from anemia.

– Problems in holding the trial.

– Information unconfirmed: the guilty escape. Unknown prison.

Other than these facts, the woman is hindered.  She wants the copy of the judicial sentence to be the victim of her son.

It is unnecessary to explain what the death of a child means to any progenitor. But day after day, this mother feels like they’re opening her in pieces. She suffers deadly hits,  burying her son in an uncertain justice, for being a black woman she receives stabbings disguised as generous offers. Additional hits because of poverty. Like a colophon: NO JUDICIAL SENTENCE

The comments abound.

God allow the rumor of the murderer’s flight to be false. Hopefully God will intercede for that mother and at least give her the consolation of having a copy of the sentence of the crime. Otherwise, it’s a question of time. Other Raisas will suffer.

Sons and phantom daughters, wandering without hope since the beginning until the end of every school year. Death and the Ungovernability, parties through the streets of Havana, saying hello to other boys and girls.

– Will we get time to pray?

– Blessed Virgin, pray for the death of this boy. Make us feel better. Do not allow more terrible news.

“Retaliate against mothers”

“Cuban infants, better victims”

“They assassinate another black boy”

“Cuba: dead justice”

 Translated by: BC CASA

September 15 2012

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